Walking Through The Golden Arches

Job seekers need not worry. McDonald's has locations all over the world and has employment opportunities for all kinds of people. The American icon is one of the largest fast food chains and is an employer of over 400,000 workers. Before you fill out an application, it would be a good idea to find out what kinds of jobs there are at McDonald's. Some positions are entry-level while others may require a little bit of customer service experience. Pay ranges from minimum wage to a hefty salary, depending on position, location, and experience. The chain is always hiring workers in two capacities:

  • Crew member - This kind of employee will provide customer service and cook most of the food. Team members are responsible for food preparation, operation of cash registers, and restaurant cleanup. Any job behind the counter may be assigned to a crew member on a given day. Compensation will be around minimum wage and several benefits free meals and uniforms may be available to crew members.
  • Management - Shift leaders, assistant managers, and restaurant managers make up the management team at a typical McDonald's location. Experienced crew members are promoted to shift leader, then to assistant manager, and so on. Each level of management has some interaction with customers and will fill in to do crew member duties when needed. Managers will also perform administrative tasks like hiring, firing, scheduling, and motivating crew members. McDonald's managers may make a considerable salary and receive a generous benefits package including healthcare, a 401(k), and paid time off.


Once you've decided on a position, it's time to apply. When completed, submit the application form to your local restaurant to get your career off and running. At a greater convenience, you can also apply online with the company in a matter of minutes. Whichever method you decide on, good luck in your job search and remember to make a good first impression.

Walking Through The Golden Arches

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