Top Tips on How to Treat Acne

Though teenagers are the ones popularly known to have acne, everyone can have them. Treat them early and naturally so that you will be sure to prevent them from coming back. Acne is the result of bacterial, hormonal, and inflammatory disturbances. Pores are blocked and begin to trap oil by producing sebaceous glands that promote the growth of acne bacteria.

Here are some tips on how to treat acne:

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• Wash your face - Thoroughly wash your face at least 2x a day with acne soap. This is soap with sulfur that is intended to treat acne. Be gentle when washing but rinse your face thoroughly so as not leave soap residue on your skin. Do not over wash as this can stimulate glands that increase acne breakouts.

• Take multivitamins - Acne can mean that there is something wrong internally. When the body lacks the nutrition it needs, it will begin producing sebum to compensate. The sebum then clogs the pores and reduces the skin's ability to heal.

• Try to avoid putting on makeup - If you leave your makeup on, it will help clog pores and cause more blackheads and pimples. If you're wearing makeup, make sure that your cosmetic is hypoallergenic and uses all natural ingredients. Make sure that you take it off and wash your face completely before sleeping at night.

• Do not squeeze or pick your pimples and blackheads - Squeezing your pimples may leave scars on your face. Do not scratch or rub blackheads and pimples as this may aggravate the problem. Touching or squeezing your budding pimples can cause infection and a sebum increase that will result in even more pimples.

• Eat carrots or increase your Vitamin A and Zinc intake - Vitamin A naturally prevents acne by strengthening the skin's protective tissue. It helps in sebum reduction, too. It is also important in maintaining and repairing skin tissues. In addition, zinc is a great antioxidant agent. Like Vitamin A, our skin needs zinc to remain healthy. If you have a diet that includes only small amounts of zinc, you risk having even more acne breakouts.

Top Tips on How to Treat Acne

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