Cat Health Care - What You Need to Know Before You Adopt

Deciding to adopt a pet is a big decision, and one that should not be made after a nostalgic late night viewing of the AristoCats. When deciding to adopt a cat, make sure that you're aware of everything involved in pet ownership. Measuring your commitment level is the first step in the decision to adopt a cat. While very self-sufficient animals, they still need your care and loving attention every day.

Be prepared for the veterinarian bills that will come with your cat. There are a series of initial and annual vaccines that the cat will need to keep them healthy. In the initial meet and greet with your cat's new doctor, make sure to include a conversation about spaying or neutering your cat. These types of surgeries are not as traumatic to kittens as they are to older cats, so don't put off the decision for too long.

Health Care

Scratching is a normal and healthy part of a cat's existence. Most veterinarians will only declaw a cat in exigent circumstances; with the right environment and a little training, your cat and your nice furniture can peacefully coexist without leaving the cat defenseless.

You will need a trip to the pet store as soon as you've adopted your new cat. Check off one litter box, a bag of cat litter, a poop scoop, food and water dishes, and a few cat toys to keep them occupied. Quality cat food formulated for the age of the cat will supply them with all of the nutrients they need and prevent health problems down the line. Keep in mind that cats are as finicky about smell as most people are when it comes to litter boxes. While you begin the task of training your cat to use the litter box, the most important step will be keeping it clean. If you don't like the litter box smell, you can count on your cat not liking it either!

Cats normally like a bit of privacy while doing their business, so make sure you locate the litter box in a convenient spot that still affords them their dignity.

A cat can be a great addition to any family and home, as long as the home and family are ready for the cat. Feeding and caring for any pet is a rewarding, life-long commitment.

Cat Health Care - What You Need to Know Before You Adopt

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