Pet Rat Health Care - Skin Irritation

In pet rat care, health is an important aspect of their ownership. A healthy pet rat is a joy to own, however, no matter how great our rat care is, they can still get sick. If you are new to rat ownership it is important and strongly recommended to find a local vet that is experienced in dealing with rats. If you are unsure how to do this then try contacting your local rat club for assistance. Pet rats are hardy creatures for their size, but if unwell their condition can deteriorate rapidly. If your pet is unwell I would suggest it would be wiser to consult your vet sooner rather than later.

Signs of Illness.

Health Care

As a general rule, signs of illness for our rat pet include lack of energy, loss of interest in food, coat looking messy and fluffed up, a hunched outlook. Breathing may appear stressed or labored and the rat may be listless or sleepy looking with eyes partly closed. Any or all of these symptoms point to an ill pet.

Skin Irritation.

Skin Irritation can be one of the most common health problem suffered by pet rats. When scabbing begins around the ears and mouth then spreads to the back, the common cause would be a fungal infection such as ring worm. This condition can be cured using a dipping solution ie Imaverol, obtainable from your vet. This may need to be applied three to four times a day until the condition has completely heeled. Where scabbing begins on the back and appears to be restricted to this area, mites are to be expected. Most rats carry a few mites which may or may not develop into a problem, however pale coated rats tend to be more susceptible. Again mites can be treated with a dipping solution such as Ivermectin obtainable from your vet.

Finally, diet can also cause skin irritations to form due to allergies, or, too much protein in the pet rats food or diet. If diet is suspected, it is recommended to change to feeding pet rats a home-made fresh food diet for 10-14 days, in which time all signs of scratching should disappear. Once this has been accomplished you will need to use trial and error to establish which food is creating the problem. Suggestions include sunflower seeds, peanuts, brightly colored biscuits in rodent mixes and other types of protein rich foods.

Pet Rat Health Care - Skin Irritation

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