Benefits of Having Health Insurance

Insurance is an interesting concept that most Americans understand. We all have auto and homeowner insurance but hope to never have to use it. If we use it, it means something bad has happened. The same mentality goes for medical insurance. Most people who are healthy do not believe that they need medical insurance because they don't go to the doctor. Insurance is not for the things we know will happen, but for those things that we don't know about.

Even if you feel healthy, everyone needs to see a doctor for an annual physical. If you have health insurance, you will automatically get a free annual checkup. The doctor will do blood work and check to make sure that your cholesterol and blood sugar are in good shape. These simple checkups can detect health problems long before you know they exist. If you find everything in time, you may be able to cure them before they become life threatening.

Health Care

New medical benefits can come with a waiting period for pre existing conditions. If you do not have any conditions now, that does not mean you will not have any in the future. If you have had continuous coverage prior to getting the new plan you will not have to worry about the waiting period. For this reason getting the least expensive plan available such as a short term health insurance plan to bridge your gap in coverage could save you a lot of money on claims in the future. Having health insurance keeps you from having pre existing condition waiting periods.

Also if you have coverage you will get a discounted rate for services. Insurance companies negotiate rates with doctors and hospitals. If you do not have coverage you will be billed a much higher amount for the same services that you would get if you did have coverage. Even if your plan only covers expenses with a deductible and co insurance, you will be able to get the discounted rate for your charges. If you don't have coverage you can expect to be charged much more.

People do not realize how expensive medical care is. A doctor visit might only be a few hundred dollars. But if someone needed something specific and rare such as anti-venom for a poisonous snake bite, you can find yourself with a 25,000 dollar bill. Regardless of the costs, if you run on a trail and get bitten by a poisonous snake, get the anti-venom. That is not something you could budget for, but with insurance, you will not have to nor will you have to worry about it.

Benefits of Having Health Insurance

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