Process Improvement in Health Care

Although dashboards have been a popular method for helping senior leaders understand their organization's current state, they often do not provide information on accountability or how they will help the organization achieve their organizational goals. This alignment is important if health care organizations are going to become highly effective organizations. There are several keys to developing a highly sophisticated and useful process improvement plan.
1.      Develop a clear and compelling vision
This is important if organizations are going to have employees who understand the work they need to do. One study suggests that one of the major reasons that overall organization effectiveness is compromised is due to the lack of vision within the organization.
2.      Develop a strategic plan with clear measures
In organizations the strategic plan helps everyone in the organization understand how they are going to accomplish the vision. If the strategic plan is to be effective, it should be broken down into goals and performance measures for each individual within the organization. This will help each individual recognize their value in the organization.
3.      Align process improvement to strategic goals
Each strategic objective and goal will have some work around it, these should be prioritized and a map should outline the processes that need to be improved first. Successful process improvement is based on the concept of prioritization and accurate resource allocation. Often process improvement strategies are not prioritized and are not associated with a specific strategic objectives.
4.      Track progress in real time
This is the benefit of dashboards, they can be designed to have input from the teams who have a well designed project in real time. This can include having a clear charter with identified accountabilities, resources being used, timeline and measures of success. Once this information is placed in an accurate dashboard it can become useful to determine how the organization is progressing towards its goals.

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Process Improvement in Health Care

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