In Demand Health Care Jobs: Phlebotomy Careers

The health care industry is always searching for qualified, hard working employees in all fields. Among the many fields of interest is to train to be a Phlebotomy Technician. This is a career that will be rewarding personally and financially. A certificate or degree will give you the training needed to be qualified to apply for this position.

A phlebotomist's primary performance is to draw blood from the vein. Most of us have had blood drawn for testing at some point and are familiar with this procedure. As a trained phlebotomist you will have the option to work at hospitals, laboratories, doctor's offices, clinics and other health care institutions.

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You can choose what type of education level to pursue There are in-class and on-line schools available to learn this skill. A certificate is usually a requirement to obtain employment in this field. While training to draw blood is the primary goal of the certificate or degree, you will accomplish other tasks as well. You may be called upon to work with a patient preparing them for tests, take blood pressure, etc. Also, documenting patient's records and preparing blood samples for the lab are additional skills to consider. Whether you decide to pursue a certificate on-line or in-class, you will be prepared upon completion to interview for your first health care job.

Higher education in this field will enable you to learn further skills and become more qualified. This usually will present a higher salary. You may want to consider an Associate's Degree or Bachelor's Degree. Of course, this will require more time and money. There are various forms of financial aid available to help out.

A certificate can be accomplished in as little as 6 months. An Associate's Degree around 2 years and an additional 2 years to finish with a Bachelor's Degree.

In Demand Health Care Jobs: Phlebotomy Careers

Don't have a degree or time to enroll in college full time but want to get started with a medical career? You can start your phlebotomy training with a high school dipolma or GED. Click here now to review the best phlebotomy schools.

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