Baby-Boomers, Healthcare, the Economy and Network Marketing

As e-commerce and the internet moves ahead, consumers are moving in huge numbers to the world wide web for all their shopping needs. We are renting movies from our mail boxes, ordering groceries online to be delivered to our doors. All sorts of courses are being offered online and people are connecting together from all countries of the world. This is a wonderful trend and I believe that it is set to get even stronger because of the current recession.

This international trend is really great news for the network marketing industry. Savvy network marketers are scurrying to identify their marketplace and it seems they've found it. The Baby Boomers, the group that has made millionaires of the CEO's smart enough to be one step ahead of them, are getting old. They are looking for financial security and with the economy and fuel prices being as they are home business is looking very attractive indeed to a lot of people.


We have watched the baby boomers move like giants through the stages of their lives and as they approach their 5th generation an enormous opportunity is emerging. Prepared baby food, hula hoops, fast food, and fashion have given way to a generation that that has discovered a new appreciation for staying young and healthy and we are also looking to really live our lives more fully aligned with who we are.

Baby-Boomers, Healthcare, the Economy and Network Marketing

The Boomers want to look and feel younger, they want more energy, and high quality natural health care products. They want to feel good! They're a particular bunch and once they make up their minds, there's no stopping them. Network marketers have realized the same and are quickly responding to the demand.

A recent Google search for natural health care products returned over 3 million hits, a similar search for network marketing of natural health care products returned half that number. Those with the foresight to identify this trend and focus their marketing on this audience will very shortly reap the rewards.

In the United States alone, adults over the age of 50 are responsible for over 500 billion of the dollars being spent in direct health care spending. That number is expected to be well over a trillion dollars in the next two years. This same group represents over 40 million users of credit cards, almost half of the total number issued in the United States.

The health issues the Boomers are facing are chronic and if they have their way, they will be around for a long, long time. Baby Boomers are confident, optimistic and extremely liberated. To maintain their current lifestyles, they have to take care of their bodies, minds and spirits. They're independent, educated and financially stable.

They know what they want and are more than willing to go after it. The equation, Baby Boomers+ health care products+ network marketing = financial success. This generation has made a habit of being young and they will not disappear quietly. They want to continue to live healthy and active lives and are willing to spend money to do it.

Education for network marketing is the key to positioning ahead of this trend. You may say that you do not have time to learn how to be successful in this very lucrative industry with your very busy lifestyle and I will be posting many articles to help you to get much needed education in this area or you can take a look at my to gain more information or you can let me know if you have any questions.

Baby-Boomers, Healthcare, the Economy and Network Marketing

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