Healthcare Accounts Receivable

The largest and normally the most significant asset of all healthcare providers is their accounts receivable. Therefore, it is only logical that a system of internal controls to properly manage accounts receivable is designed and put in place.

Accounts receivable is the largest manageable asset of any healthcare institution like a hospital, for example. These days, only innovating solutions help in offsetting or preventing payment delays created by third party payers. Bottom lines that continue to tighten and shrink have made it necessary for healthcare providers to take all possible steps to make sure that optimal reimbursement takes place.


Accounts receivables management is designed to be a short term solution to difficulties that occur in cash flow and is operated as an extension of the hospital's business section. The goal here is to recover the funds owed to the hospital as quickly as possible while at the same time, reorganizing, recruiting, and training the staff to perform these functions as efficiently as possible.

Healthcare Accounts Receivable

A major benefit of this system would be the ability to access the hospital's system without the problems created by the file transfers of data. These problems are normally a necessary part of working with other A/R management services. The management of the hospital's account receivables system can be done through an inexpensive Internet connection and by coordinating with the staff to ensure that the workflow is consistent.

The benefits of accounts receivable management are an increase in cash flow, a reduction in the number of days in receivable, improved operations through increase in efficiency, proper guidance and training to the concerned hospital personnel, and statistical measurements that help keep track of the progress made.

The management of accounts receivables include various reports that deal with aging by pay or mix, insurance, collection analysis, write offs, bad debt reviews, and ratio analysis. A part of the process may include careful analysis of insurance contracts to make sure the healthcare providers are being reimbursed fairly for their services.

Healthcare Accounts Receivable

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