Healthcare - Health Insurance Providers Review - Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company is a name brand within healthcare. This review of health insurance providers will highlight the changing directions in healthcare that Mutual of Omaha has taken.

Established in 1909 in Nebraska, Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company has remained one of the larger providers of healthcare. There are three associated subsidiary providers in this carrier group. Since its inception in 1970, United of Omaha has carried the main thrust of the life insurance products sold. Other business comes from Companion Life Insurance Co in New York, along with United World Life Insurance Company, formerly known as United World Insurance Co. While health and life insurance is the primarily focus, the parent company is also involved in banking, real estate development, and the sale of Mutual Funds.


Now Mutual of Omaha has sprouted into a sort of a three-headed creature, with each of these head snipping at the other's business. Formerly there was only one many focus on where to obtain health insurance business. Having over 150 offices, the company had exclusive training facilities at its home office facility. When you think of healthcare, you tend to think of medical insurance. Disability insurance is a form of healthcare, and this is where for many years the company tried to make its mark. Agents were trained to sell disability coverage first, hospitalization and health supplement next, and then life insurance through United of Omaha last.

Healthcare - Health Insurance Providers Review - Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

Their website mentions that when you have a sales career at Mutual of Omaha you have more than just a job. My analysis shows that the retention of healthcare representatives is not much higher now then when I was a unit sales manager with them. However, there are way fewer career sales offices available today. The company is licensed to sell in 50 states, with few restrictions. Their life and annuity sales have remained consistent the last few years. Meanwhile, rapid growth is show in accident and health insurance premiums being collected.

The reason for tremendous growth in this area can be pinpointed opening up the distribution of its healthcare products to independent non-company affiliated brokers. Along with this, they are known for generous commission payouts and one to the top rated Medicare Supplement policies. This has caused a problem for a lot of 100 year old companies, that Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company has handled better than almost all the rest. This is where you have in house affiliated representatives competing with outside brokers for the same product selling with different commission rates.

I am appalled however at Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company to throw its hat in the ring of trying to straightforwardly entice consumers to buy direct from the insurer. This takes business away from its agents, and from the independent brokers. They tell an online prospective client that buying insurance online has never been more affordable or easier. Nevertheless, the insurer is extremely savvy and profit orientated. There are only four policies offered direct. They are whole life, children's life insurance, accidental death, and cancer insurance. The last three are some of the most profitable policies that they sell.

Looking at their asset to liability ratio for paying life and health claims, the current situation looks steady, with only minor variation range. There are companies that may be financially rated slightly higher. In this review, I would rate Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, even above many of them. The reason is strong company management, along with a smooth melding of captive representative offices and brokerage operations.

They should just quit being a direct internet provider of insurance directly to consumers. Plus there is no reason for them to not put up individual websites for United of Omaha, Companion Life Insurance Company, and World Life Insurance Company. This is a cheap, beneficial way to help policyholders locate these other companies.. Hope someone in Omaha is listening.

Healthcare - Health Insurance Providers Review - Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

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